Art I'm thankful for this year

[In no particular order]

Good Time (film)

Blade Runner 2049 (film)

The Disaster Artist (film)

Dunkirk (film)

I, Tonya (film)

A Ghost Story (film)

A Deeper Understanding, by the War on Drugs (music)

Pure Comedy, by Father John Misty (music)

Cry Cry Cry, by Wolf Parade (music)

Damn, by Kendrick Lamar (music)

Hot Thoughts, by Spoon (music)

Sleep Well Beast, by The National (music)

Songs of Experience, by U2 (music)

Loney Dear, by Emil Svanängen (music)

Stranger Things 2 (tv)

Apple Watch Series 3 (tech)

Tesla Model 3 (tech) 

Larry Sultan exhibit at SF MOMA (photography)

My photography

My friends' photography

My music 

New music in progress

I'm excited to report that I'm hard at work on a new album!

This project is a new foray of sorts. For the first time I'll be making an album comprised solely of original songs, drawing on my own experiences over the last half-decade.

In that regard, I consider it to be a true original writing project -- both from a lyrical standpoint, as well as from a songwriting perspective. A return to form for me.

In late 2016, I began writing lyrics for what I thought could be new songs. At the time, I was finishing a different album, The Invisible Santa But Still Oceans Remain. Given the subject matter of this new material, I didn't think it would be right for that album.

But it did mark the beginning of a new series of stories I would write. Stories focused on the people I've met since I moved to San Francisco, the relationships I've had, and the places I've been.

The stories are the basis, and foundation, of these new songs. Without them, there would be no new music.

These stories, and their songs, I hope, will blossom into visual pictures of their own. 

Stay tuned!

Cover photo.jpg

Gary Clark Jr.

I took this photo of Gary Clark Jr. at a show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., six years ago.

I haven't done much concert photography in a while now, but this one is definitely up there among my favorite photos I've taken, hands down. One of the things I like most about it is its composition. 

It really would be funny if it didn't feel so true

Josh Tillman, a.k.a. "Father John Misty," released this new song and music video the other day. It's called "Pure Comedy," and it hauntingly conveys the collective ethos of the time we live in, right this very instant. Although that's not entirely accurate, because there are probably millions of Americans who might watch this video, and not understand it at all, or feel offended by it.

And that's part of the problem.

For me, watching this video makes me feel even more sad than I do already. We live in a very confusing, bewildering, scary, sad time right now. Even in just the last three days, the new president of this country has already done so much dismantle and undo the great work done by his predecessor, and even the predecessors before him.

For those of us who recognize this, what is there to do? Do we quit our jobs and run for office? Do we just pack up and move? But where to? Do we just tune out, and go on living our lives? Do we engage our friends and family members who voted differently? But what good will that do now?

At the very least, for now, let's be glad that the shittiness of it all is helping to produce amazing work like this.