It really would be funny if it didn't feel so true

Josh Tillman, a.k.a. "Father John Misty," released this new song and music video the other day. It's called "Pure Comedy," and it hauntingly conveys the collective ethos of the time we live in, right this very instant. Although that's not entirely accurate, because there are probably millions of Americans who might watch this video, and not understand it at all, or feel offended by it.

And that's part of the problem.

For me, watching this video makes me feel even more sad than I do already. We live in a very confusing, bewildering, scary, sad time right now. Even in just the last three days, the new president of this country has already done so much dismantle and undo the great work done by his predecessor, and even the predecessors before him.

For those of us who recognize this, what is there to do? Do we quit our jobs and run for office? Do we just pack up and move? But where to? Do we just tune out, and go on living our lives? Do we engage our friends and family members who voted differently? But what good will that do now?

At the very least, for now, let's be glad that the shittiness of it all is helping to produce amazing work like this.