On Exploration

A month or so ago I rented a zipcar and took a drive up to Point Reyes. I had never been there before, it was a beautiful Saturday, and I wanted to spend some time just exploring, walking around and making photos. These are a few of the pictures I developed.

Even if you feel settled, and you think you know an area, it's very important to venture out just a little bit, and explore. Often times you don't even have to go that far. It might just be the next neighborhood over, or a few towns above you, or an hour's drive away.

Whatever it is, there are whole other worlds out there to explore and see new things. You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars and get on a plane and travel to another country just to experience something new.

That's the perspective I have, when I feel like exploring. Point Reyes is only a couple hours from San Francisco, and yet it feels like an entirely different world. There's a calming peacefulness to it. And a sense of it being untouched. It's glowing country.

Seaport Blvd., Redwood City, CA

I took this photo on my way cycling into work one morning. From a realism standpoint, it's kind of a failure. For some reason I decided to shoot directly toward the sun, which was bad enough, and I don't remember exactly why. It also doesn't help that I shot it with my Olympus XA, which has a maximum shutter speed of only 1/500th. And, I probably had the aperture set too wide.

Nonetheless, I tried to salvage it in post-processing, by readjusting the shadows, contrast and brightness. I think it amounts to an interesting abstract.



Vertigo on the ground

This elegant and dramatic 10-story apartment building (on the left) is down the street from me. The Brocklebank building holds special significance for me because it serves as the residence of Kim Novak's character in the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Vertigo.

I took this photo this morning. The photo itself conjures a feeling of vertigo, albeit from ground level.