We Never Change

I’m reading David Lynch’s fabulous memoir and biography right now, Room to Dream.

In one chapter, he writes, “People really don’t have an age, because the self that we talk to doesn’t age — that self is ageless. The body gets old but that’s all that changes.”

This really struck me, and it ties into something I’ve been thinking about a lot around my photography.

Some of my biggest loves in life are still the things they’ve always been. Movies I grew up with, experiences, perspectives and goals I had as a teenager, etc.

Essentially, none of these things have changed.

And either consciously or subconsciously, I have incorporated them into my photography.

Going forward, I will more actively work this way. I’ll be trying to “catch” photos less often, and more often try to catch an idea or concept for a photo, or series of photos, or something else, first, before I plan and do it. And I’ll let my lifelong loves guide me. And above all, I’ll be more true to myself.

Because, as Lynch also writes in the book, it’s all about the idea. That should come first, and everything else should spring from that. It’s important to always be receptive to catching ideas. I do feel that the more receptive you are, the more the ideas come, and that’s a beautiful thing. And I do feel more ideas have been flowing and coming to me lately.

Some people might call this conceptual photography. That’s fine, although I find the term a bit vague and reductive. (Shouldn’t all good photography have a concept?)