Alex Turner: Just one source of inspiration

For those of you who actually read the titles of my photographs, and for other stylistic elements that are less concrete, I'd like to call out one of my many sources of inspiration: the music of the Arctic Monkeys, and lead singer Alex Turner's second band, Last Shadow Puppets.

The songs and lyrics of these bands makes its way into a lot of my work, whether it be through the titles I give to my photos, the approach and attitude I take to my photography, and sometimes even a particular color palette I'm going after when I photograph.

The thematic content of Alex Turner's songwriting is also very closely aligned to my own interests. His songs are rooted in nostalgia, classic cinema icons, sci-fi, and spirits in the material world. 

The video below I just love. The cinematography alone is brilliant. The video plays more like a series of portraits than a music video, with Alex acting as the subject against some beautifully vivid backgrounds. Check it out!