New area of focus

I am officially announcing a new focus for my work! Over the past month or so I've begun to make photographs that start with scenes photographed on Polaroid film, and then combine them with outside elements I physically insert and arrange into the actual Polaroid print.

The homepage of my website here now showcases some of this work. I'm tentatively titling this work, "The Wonders." 

Even though it's still early, I'm confident and comfortable enough to say that this is where I'll be focusing my photography going forward.

I'll still be shooting straight photographs and portraits on 35mm and 120mm film, capturing interesting and important moments, but I'll be less focused on it.

They say, Photograph (or Do) What You Love. And, Be Yourself. I think this new process of photographing, for me, is exactly that. And after some encouragement from friends, I've decided to go all in on it.

This style really does encapsulate what I love: the Bay Area and California, pop culture, cinema, art, and the medium of film itself.   

I truly love photographing in this way. And I love it 100%. In this regard, it's different from the straight street photography I've been doing over the past couple years. There's a level of anxiety when I'm out on the street making those photographs, and I don't always fully enjoy the actual act of photographing. I have yet to experience any of that with this new style. 

I'd also love to explore incorporating this new style into my portrait work. So, if you'd like to commission me for a portrait session, or any other type of project in this style, please get in touch!

I plan to do everything I can to continue photographing in this way, making them better and better, fine-tuning the process (and it is a fairly complex process), get these photographs out into the world, find a market for them, and see where it takes me.

So, I hope you enjoy them too! Stay tuned!