The adrenaline

I was out shooting street this afternoon in a committed way, after a bit of inspiration struck me. I consider it to be a productive one -- I'm confident it yielded some strong work.

After taking one photograph, my heart started beating very rapidly. This happens from time to time when I'm out shooting street, and it only happens after taking a daring or risky photograph. It can happen as I'm taking the picture, and/or immediately after I hit the shutter.

Usually, these are photographs of people. And the adrenaline I think is tied to multiple factors. I think the rush and excitement of photographing on the streets is an adrenaline boost in itself. But there's something else at play -- call it a bit of danger -- when you're photographing strangers. Particularly if the photograph is exposing something in or about them.

For me, as a photographer, the feeling as I'm taking these sorts of photographs is that I've gotten away with something. I think the adrenaline is rooted in that. It's a little nerve-wracking, and does cause a bit of anxiety in me. But, usually, when I look at the photographs after, it feels totally worth it.