Adding some tranquility to my kitchen/work table

My good friend Sarah is leaving SF -- after more than 4 years here -- and heading to Seattle. She's an artist, and tonight I went to her place to hang and see how I could help her clear out her apartment. :) She's trying to get rid rid of a bunch of stuff before she moves, apparently even if it means letting go of some works of art.

Included in that lot was this painting she did of an ocean sunset last year. It's a really pretty little piece, so I was happy and honored to acquire it! 

For now, it's sitting against the wall on my kitchen table, which doubles as my work table at home. If I wasn't already happy and peaceful enough at home, I think this will help even more in that department! 

I work from home a fair amount at this table. So this beautiful painting I think will help to add some tranquility to my space here. Thanks Sarah!