Photographed in collaboration with Barry Umstead at Fort Mason, San Francisco, 2018.

Photographed in collaboration with Barry Umstead at Fort Mason, San Francisco, 2018.

My canvas is San Francisco, a city whose streets, people and places continually inspire me. It is an absolute thrill to document and capture everyday life in this amazing city. I am currently working on several bodies of work.

My black & white series, People & Places (2017-ongoing), is focused on the street. I shine a light on people’s daily preoccupations, as well as their larger struggles. The environment of my subjects plays a key role in the mood and emotions I convey through my work. I photograph this series in black & white to keep the focus on the subjects and their relationship to the environment, while adding a heightened sense of drama.

My color street work takes a more whimsical approach. It uses vivid color slide film, stylized titles, and a perspective that’s more light-hearted. Many of the titles in this series are drawn from cinema and rock music, to add quirkiness to otherwise mundane happenings. This series is called The Way We Get By (2018-ongoing).  

Blowing Rock (2017-ongoing), meanwhile, depicts candid family moments and scenes in and around Blowing Rock, North Carolina, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, using a range of film formats.

My work also includes physical mixed media. The Wonders (2018-ongoing) combines Polaroid photography with handmade collage to flip the everyday on its head, sometimes literally. These one-of-a-kind images start with a straight black & white Polaroid. I then transform the photograph by cutting it open and adding other physical media, such as magazine clippings and book cutouts, which are drawn from cinema, pop culture, and current events. There is no digital manipulation of the Polaroids. Through this work, I inject an element of magic, nostalgia and social commentary into familiar scenes and locales throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond.

The Leftovers (2018-ongoing) complements The Wonders. This series is focused on handmade collage without original photography, but leveraging the same materials used for my Polaroid collages in The Wonders. These collages are made using leftover scraps and other clippings that were not incorporated into the final Polaroid prints. With this work, I transform vestigial content into new images of their own, while also reinterpreting the context of the photographs from which they’re derived.

I am also working on a larger series of 80 Polaroids, called The New 80s (2018-ongoing). This work reimagines iconic imagery from 1980s pop culture, but set in the modern day, combining cityscape photography with conceptual portraiture. In this series, I cast and photograph women to reinterpret male character roles from American 80s movies. With these photographs, I urge my audience to question the significance — and validity — of roles and identities they have associated with men.

Finally, my straight portraiture work uses San Francisco backdrops and other natural environments to portray my subjects in a classic and authentic way. I am particularly skilled in using 6x7 medium format film to create richly detailed portraits. I take portraiture commissions, including portraits done in the style of my series The Wonders. Please see my rates page for more information.

I also take commissions for events, to document them and capture candid moments. If it is a party, wedding or other project, I would love to work with you to help make it something special forever.

Thank you for reading, and for coming to my site. If you’d like to work together, please get in touch.

Photographed in Chinatown, San Francisco, 2018.

Photographed in Chinatown, San Francisco, 2018.